Xtrap Online Game Security Solution Provider Download Chrome


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Greetings Subians, I want to start collecting information on X-Trap and the various error codes and solutions. We're apparently getting a few tickets on X-Trap per week and I think it's a good idea to collect and put all of this information into one thread for easy reference.

Xtrap Online Game Security Solution Provider Download Chrome

Hopefully this will lighten the support team's load on the number of X-Trap tickets they receive. I think this is quite necessary because X-Trap is not developed by Suba Games. This makes us regular users of X-Trap just like all of you. Granted the support team may be a little more knowledgeable than the average user on X-Trap issues, but it's good to have a collective list of problems and solutions with input from a wide variety of users under a wide variety of operating systems.

Xtrap Online Game Security Solution Provider Download Chromebook

This listing will grow over time(hopefully) from it's humble beginnings, and I'm asking you guys to roam around the X-Trap threads on our forums and reply with a link to the particular thread that contains a problem that has not yet been addressed in this list. If you know of an X-Trap problem and of a solution to it, please post it here as well. If you think an existing solution should be modified or refined a bit more, please post it here as well. We want to be as thorough and detailed as possible(without writing a novel on each solution =p). This is not the place to ask for help with X-Trap. Please start a new thread if X-Trap is giving you trouble. We want to keep this thread uncluttered.

It will get confusing if three different people have three different X-Trap problems and we have another three people trying to help. One thread, one problem, easy. -------------- X-Trap Error Code 10-034-104: X-Trap engine update has been failed Confirmed Solutions: Non-Operating System Specific Solutions: 1.

Make sure that Priston Tale and X-Trap are not being blocked by any and all anti-virus programs and firewalls that you have running, and if they are, add them to the exception list for each anti-virus program and/or firewall that you have. Searching Google with the name of your anti-virus/firewall software and exception list should come up with how to achieve this if you are unsure. Download Eyeshield 21 Episode 44 Subtitle Indonesia. As a last resort, disable your anti-virus/firewall programs temporarily and then let X-Trap attempt to update itself again. If it updates and you can connect to Priston Tale successfully, then you know the cause of the error is your anti-virus/firewall programs.

You can narrow the problem down even further by disabling just one of those programs if you have both or multiple anti-virus or firewall programs to see which one specifically is conflicting with X-Trap and Priston Tale. Windows XP: -none- Windows Vista: 1. Run Priston Tale as Administrator. Priston Tale and X-Trap cannot update themselves properly without administrative privileges. Windows 7: 1. Run Priston Tale as Administrator. Priston Tale and X-Trap cannot update themselves properly without administrative privileges.

Possible Solutions: Windows XP: 1. Run Priston Tale from an XP user that has administrative access. If you are on an XP user that does not have administrative access(such as a guest account), make sure that Priston Tale and/or X-Trap have full administrative control for the XP user that you are using. Www Elite Hackers Net Wifi Ext more. This must be set by an XP user with administrative access. Windows Vista: -none- Windows 7: -none- -------------- X-Trap is missing XPva00.dll xxpva01dll or xpvadll02.dll. Confirmed Solutions: Non-Operating System Specific Solutions: 1. Navigate to the root folder of Priston Tale(for most people this is C: Program Files Subagames Pristontale or whatever your hard drive letter is).

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