Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Strategy Guide Pdf

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Strategy Guide Pdf

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Above, you can find a map of the Skellige Islands. It's a part of the game world that you visit further in the campaign, namely when you start the main quest Destination: Skellige. Our map has been divided into seven smaller ones (M13 to M19) and you can find their more detailed descriptions (quests and world atlas) in the following chapters.

Information about specific regions of the world: M13 - Kaer Trolde - It's a location where you start your adventure on the islands. It's the northern part of Ard Skellig, the largest island of the archipelago. It's the home of jarl Crach an Craite and of king of Skellige. The name Kaer Trolde comes from the fortress which is, together with a fisherman village at its base, the most important part of the territory. You will land here at the beginning of the adventure and you will start here the most important quests during the meeting at the feast in the castle. Madhubala Tamil Serial Episode 194. In addition to the fact that many things related to main quest happen here, you will also find here many side quests and treasures, especially the gear upgrades diagrams.

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