Uttaran Hindi Serial Episode 800


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Uttaran Hindi Serial Episode 800

Oct 14, 2011. Watch online Uttaran the top hindi serial and discuss the story here.

September-2011 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nani plays havoc in Ichcha's life and lifts the child from hospital but as fate as it the child finally lands up in Rathore's house. Both Rathore and Tapasya become attracted to the child and regard it their own son. Ichcha and Veer decide not to give birth to their own children and adopt Mukta and Khaana as their children. Gunavanthi does not like this decision of theirs and fails in convincing them to have their own children and a heir to Bundela's family. Rathore decides to celebrate the Name Bearing ceremony of his son (Veer's son) and invites many including Veer's family. Veer attends the function not knowing that the child is his own.

Ichcha too attends the function later, on the force invitation of Nani for the sake of Jogi Thakur. At the function Tapasya greets Ichcha. Tapasya is about to give the child and Ichcha longs to have it in her hand when someone calls Tapasya so takes off the child.

Ichcha feels resigned. Khaana who playing breaks the TV set gets slap from Gunavanthi, he tells this to Damini who comes there to give sweets. At Rathore's house Ichcha's child is crying so Daima takes him to room to give milk, she leaves the child in he cot and goes to bring milk for him. The child is left alone in the cot crying, Ichcha who passes by finds her child crying and she lifts her child in her hands milk boozes from her breast so she starts feeding him breast milk.

Tapasya searching Daima and the child comes to the room and find Ichcha giving milk to her child. Username And Password Rapidshare Premium Account 2012851836.

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