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I have a road project that is designed in an old creek bed, with large partially exposed rock (18' to 8' in diameter). Based on the geotechnical report, some of this rock is fractured and is 'rippable' by a large excavator, other rock is expected to have to be blasted. Since the majority of the rock is not exposed, a lot of the actual size and type of rock to be excavated will have to be determined in the field.

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In order to try to accommodate this, we will be going with a unit cost bid schedule for the contractors, so that as actual quantities vary from the bid quantities, we can hold the contractor to a set fee per unit. We have kept most of the road in fill, so I do not anticipate much more than 10% of the overall earthwork volumes to include rock removal/excavation.

So, my question is, in a bid schedule is it typical to separate 'Rock Blasting' from 'Rock Excavation,' and if so, do you differentiate the two by size of rock, or some other means? TIA RE: Rock blasting vs. Rock excavation (Civil/Environmental) 3 Dec 08 19:19. I would leave it either rock (trench or mass) or not rock (and yes, a minimum size to satisfy the conditions--say cubic yard in size). Let the contractor worry about how they will get it out. Just be sure to state how the rock must be qualified and quantified. Rock is probably the biggest headache i have since it's usually the biggest change order pay item for contractors.

Have all the terms and conditions set up on the front end of the project and never move forward unless the procedure and processes have been set in stone. By that i mean that someone should specifically explain how the rock will be qualified and how the rock will be quantified. It seems simple enough but has yet to be 'simple'. The contractor always has a high number than the testing lab or engineer. So document document document so that when the numbers don't match, someone can compare the calcs to see where the difference is. I've seen an owner almost pay for an extra 20k cy of mass rock on the first shot! Luckily, i had my numbers calculated for everyone to see.the other guy had a computer program that told him the quantities.

As it turns out, they didn't account for the 20' of cut that already taken place before the rock qualification/quantification took place. So they had 20' too much rock in their numbers. We fought for over 2 weeks over the issue until a meeting where they showed the graphics from the computer and i noticed that the original hill was still there in their graphics and is what their numbers was based on. RE: Rock blasting vs. Eric Hanson Trial Begins For Doctor. Rock excavation (Geotechnical) 3 Dec 08 20:19.

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