Tennessee Serial Killer 1902 Penny


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Tennessee Serial Killer 1902 Penny

Posted in May 29, 2016 by You’ll Never Believe What Terrifying Thing Happened In This Tennessee Town It’s very likely you haven’t heard of Jeremiah Lexer. As a wealthy east Tennessee plantation owner and one of the original settlers in Hamblen County – largely attributed to one of the founding members of Talbott – it would have been easy for him to fade into the tapestry of Tennessee history, merely another distinguished man with a bit of a dark side. That is, if he hadn’t committed the unthinkable in July of 1902, a day that gave him a name as one of the most prolific small town killers in history. The home is now open to the public from late September to November with a general admission price, so that you too can walk the rooms where an entire family was murdered in cold blood. Illness induced or not, death by ax is terrifying. You can still see the marks from the murder weapon, the sweet scribblings of the children on the walls. It's a horror you'll never forget.

Here’s the thing: we aren’t against haunted houses. We love them. But if they’re the former homes of wicked serial killers? We may have to rethink that.

*gulp* Would you go?!

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