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Sandilyan or Chandilyan is the Pen name of Bhashyam Iyengar, a noted Tamil writer of Historical fiction. Boris Graffiti Crack Free Download. Sandilyan was born in Thirukovilur in Tamil Nadu on November 10, 1910 to Ramanujam Iyengar and Poongovilvalli. His family was from Thiruindalur village near Mayiladuthurai.

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He did his schooling in Chennai Pachaiyappa's School and Saidapet Model School. His college education came from Tiruchirappalli St. Joseph's College. While in college, he was influenced by the visit of C. Rajagopalachari and joined theIndian independence movement. He became a member of the Indian National Congress.

He married Ranganayaki in 1929. When I was looking for more satisfying fiction in the fantasy genre Sandilyan came a breath of fresh air to me. His novels are comparable to any of the world’s best historical novels from internationally renowned authors like Alexander Dumas (pere et fils)or RL Stevenson.

Clipmate 7 5 26 Keygen Photoshop on this page. Sandilyan’s books are filled with intelligent heroines who more often than not win the entire war for the hero with their wits and presenting him a total victory by the last chapter as a surprise gift- surprising both him and us the readers with their statecraft. Every time you read a Sandilyan book, you are apt to fall in love with the heroine- not only for the descriptions of her beauty (sandilyan usually fills pages and pages of that too), but for the way in which her character showcases her intelligence, courage and sheer chutzpah. Most of Sandilyan’s novels mention about the historical naval might of the ancient Tamil kingdoms which were later lost track of by historians. Raja Muthirai is a story about the pandiyas.

Of the Sandalyan's book this is the one which has a non-chola hero. The hero is the great Vira pandiyan brother of Sundara pandiyan (MGR has done this character in Madhurai Meetha Sundharapandian).

The story deals with investigation of the pearl robbery in the country which is the biggest source of the country's income. In the meantime, Muthukumari, daughter of Sundarapandiyan is kidnapped. The culprit is found to be Veera Ravi Udhaya Marthanda Varman (I like this name a lot!!), the Chera King. What unfolds is the lead up to the war and the war between the two Tamil Kings. The situation is very bad for the pandiyas as they are rebuilding their empire from scratch. With few thousand soldiers how tactically they win is the interesting plot of the story. But the story is not completely about it.

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