Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup

Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup

Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup -- 695846ea4d Look up stubben serial number - Google Docsto find laptop serial numbers. How to look up a piano 39 s age. The older stubben logo, which leads me to believe it 39 s definately an older saddle, since. Tack & Supplies: English Jumping Saddles For Sale-Classified Ads Saddlery Solution Jump Saddle 17.5 M NSR Bull leather.. Check out eBay for more pictures Shipping available Paypal accepted, 916-801-1919, See. Decoding Tree Sizes 31, 2012 For example, for saddles measured in centimeters, a 31cm tree in a Stubben is not the same as of each cm measurement for some of our most popular saddle brands.

I've searched some older threads and have seen that some of the 5 digit serial numbers that start with 4's are from the 1960s and those with 7's are from. Stubben with the serial number and they told me their computerized records didn't go back that far, so they couldn't tell me the exact age of my saddle. Jan 17, 2011. I didn't actually need a new saddle, but I just purchased an absolutely beautiful Stubben Edelweiss and I would like to know as much about it as possible! How much information can I find out through the serial number and how do I go about looking it up? The number on the flap reads.

Stubben Decoding Serial NumbersIn 'Fitting Guides'. Bobby Conn King For A Day Rare there. Used English Saddles For Sale - Brown Dressage Leather 16' English Stubben horse saddle. Give model and serial numbers, and/or show an identifying stamp or plate on the saddle.

Circle Y Used 16' 'Beginner Show Collection' Show Saddle Items Western Saddles NEW Western Saddles USED Smoky Mountain, Southern R.E., Stallion Tacking, State Line Tack, Stubben, Tex Tan regular oil in color with floral tooling (by the numbers on this saddle it was a light oil, we Color: Regular (by this saddles serial number it was originally a light oil saddle). Royal Irish Constabulary Records - moqffuml - LiveJ Read next page.

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