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Sonny is the fourth album by Chicago-based alternative country band Souled American and the first to be released after the departure of drummer Jamey Barnard. Like their first three albums, it was released in 1992 by Rough Trade Records, though Sonny was only released in the UK after Rough Trade's American branch. May 12, 2017. General index of musicians on scaruffi. Souled American Sonny Rarest. This list includes all songs known to be written by Prince.

Full text of ' X tmty Bttttft Bniikw if jflOTttmstl Cmmtf, Jltta 3ftrm Gc M. 974.901 M75b 1233693 GENEALOGY COLLECTION 3 1833 ' ^(,L(%^t *f% I H EARLY DUTCH SETTLERS MONMOUTH COUNTY, NEW JERSEY GEORGE C. MOREAU RROS., PUBLISHERS, FREEHOLD, N'. Second Edition Printed, 1915. 1233693 PREFACE. When the publication of these articles on the Early Dutch Settlers of Monmouth was begun in The Freehold Transcript, I had no idea they would develop to such Length.

Souled American Sonny RaritanSouled American Sonny Raritan Valley

Several of the articles written for the weekly issues of this newspaper read all right therein, but now, gathered together in hook form, they appear fragmentary and disconnected. A great deal of time and labor by more than one person has been devoted to gathering material from public records, family papers, tombstone inscriptions, and other original sources of information. Much of this is comprised in short notes and small type, and, by putting these compilations in hook form they will be accessible for reference.

For there is much work to be done before a full genealogy can be written of either the Conover, Hendrickson, or Schanck families. The illustrations are chiefly old dwelling houses erected by the early settlers or their sons. The buildings are disappear- ing before the march of improvement and the decay of time, and in another generation not one will probably he left.

Some are of the Dutch style of architecture, others of the English, but they show the radical difference of the two races in character. 1 have been unable to procure the likeness of any of our pioneer settlers, and therefore was compelled to select persons of the present generation, who bear in form or features a strong family resemblance to their parental ancestors. These selec- tions have been made by myself, and solely for the above reason. Among these pictures are four members of different gen- erations of the same family, all closely connected by ties of blood. Each generation shows a marked difference, yet a family likeness can he detected in all of them. Freehold, X..1., August 7, L901.

RECORDS OF THE CONOVERS, SCHENCKS AND VANDERVEERS. In Roelof Martense Schenck Amersfoort, Province of Utrecht, Hol- land, in 1619. And came to New Amster- dam with his brother Jan. And sister Annetje. In 1660 he married Neeltje, daughter of Gerrit Wolphertse VanCouwenhoven, who was a son of Wolfert Garretson VanCouwenhoven. Who came from Amersfoort aforesaid to America in 1630 with the Dutch emi- grants who settled Rensselaerwick.

Near what is now Albany in the state ot New York. Soon after his marriage t.) Neeltje Gonover (as the name is now spelled) he settled permanently at Flatlands, Long- Island, where his wife had been born. His will was made September! Aug Book with other int.

I mlng him and many of his df the day the most handsom Monmouth county. Catharine remained single. Eleanor was married January 27. Benjamin Bennett to George Crawford of Middletown Village and died there May 17.

Her hus- band was born December 5, 1758, and died July in. They are both inter- red in private family burying ground on the Crawford homestead at Nut- swamp. Ann married Jonathan or John Holmes and died without issue. Eleanor Schenck and her husband. George Crawford, had the following children, all born on the homestead in Middletown Village: Mary, born January 12.

Medical Electronics By Arumugam Pdf. 1800, married Nov- ember 20. 1817, William W.

Murray, and is buried by the side of her husband in grave- yard of Baptist church at Middletown Village. Ann, born February 22, 1801. Married Feb- ruary 12th. Doctor Milledoller to Rev. Jacob TenBroeck Boekman: died at homestead where she was born and had always lived. 1876; interred by side of her Adaline.

Born February 16, 1803, married John Lloyd Hendrickson and is buried by her husband in private family burying mound on the farm where she lived and died at Middle- town Village. Eleanor, born January 26.

1805, died Dec- ember 22, 1823, unmarried; interred by her father and mother in Crawford burying In Book K of Deeds, pages 380, etc. Monmouth clerk's office, is the record of a deed from John Schenck, surviving executor of Hendrick Schenck. Deceased, to Catharine, the widow of Hendrick Schenck, deceased. This deed is dated February 25, 1785. And consideration named therein as £1,000. The land is described as situated in Freehold town- ship (now Marlboro) and as part of a tract of land formerly belonging to Roelof Schenck, deceased, and by him devised to his son, Hendrick.

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