Song Of Amrit Manthan Serial


Mar 6, 2017 - 1 min - Uploaded by Mala EntertainmentSinger- Vikas Kumar. Tu Hai Mera Aaina Song Lyrics. Tu hai mera aaina. Main aks tera. Har pal jivan ka. Hai tujse ghera. Teri har khusi. Mujhe hi mili. Bhar gaya daaman mera. Mujh mein jo bhi hai. Sab hai tera. Teri hi kirno se hai. Teri raah mein. Teri chha mein. Arpan jivan mera.

Song Of Amrit Manthan Serial

Of Amrit Manthan' Created by Written by Directed by Country of origin Original language(s) No. Download Film Top Secret The Billionaire Subtitle Indonesia here. Of seasons 1 Production Producer(s) Rajan Shahi Location(s) Editor(s) Sameer Gandhi Running time 22 minutes Production company(s) Release Original network Original release 26 February 2012 – 2 August 2013 External links Website Amrit Manthan (English: The Changes of Amrit) is an television, which premiered on 26 February 2012 and ran through 2 August 2013. A daily program, it is the story of two sisters who become each other's enemies. This show is now rebroadcast as Bairi Behna in Star Utsav.

Contents • • • • Plot summary [ ] Amrit Manthan is the story of two sisters Amrit and Nimrit. Starting off as best friends, fate leads them to turn into enemies. Nimrit survives Amrit's attempt to kill her and returns as Natasha Oberoi to seize everything that Amrit has taken from her. A lookalike of Nimrit comes to town named Shivangi who helps Nimrit in her battle against Amrit. After a series of events, Nimrit thinks that her husband, Agam and Amrit have died, but they had survived. Amrit once again returns to ruin her sister's and Agam's life. Later, Amrit wants Gurbani, Nimrit and Agam's daughter to rebel against Nimrit.

Song Of Amrit Manthan Serial

Later,a 20 years leap changes the plot of the show. An icchadhari naag Deep falls in love with Amrit. Amrit and Nimrit have forgotten their dark past and Amrit has realised her mistake. Nimrit's second daughter Jojo is shown dead. Introduction To Protein Science Lesk Pdf To Excel there. Bani adores her Masi maa and her mama. Agam and his father are shown dead too. Amrit is married to Tej and Nimrit to a new man Angad Hasija.

When the family started their peaceful life,there were strange supernatural things going on in the palace especially with Amrit and Gurbani. Cast [ ] • as Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Sodhi / Amrit Tej Malik / Rajjo. • as Nimrit Agam Malik(after plastic surgery)/ Nimrit Angad Malik • as Rajkumari Nimrit Kaur Sodhi / Nimrit Agam Malik (before plastic surgery) / Shivangi Kaur Sodhi / Shivangi Tej Malik (twin sister of nimrit) • as Agam Mahinder Malik / Agam Sehgal • as Tej Malik • as Angad Malik / Karan Chabiara • as Yug Mehra • S.P Lalwani as Mahinder Malik • as Bhupinder Singh and Pritam Bakshi • as Gurbani Agam Malik / Bani • as Jyoti Tej Malik • as Vishal Sehgal • as Indu Chabiara • Soni Chabiara as Indu Daughter External links [ ] • References [ ].

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