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GCSE French learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic. GCSE Buddhism - Revision Workbook (AQA/OCR) - Revision Activities, Notes, Tasks - 40 PAGE BOOKLET!

This download is for GCSE Religious Studies teachers covering Buddhism as a comparative religion. It is especially useful for teachers using the AQA/OCR exam specifications. The workbook contains: -Revision notes on all of the topics on the specification -Revision activities -A glossary of key-words -A personal learning checklist -Crosswords & key-word word-searches (just for fun!) -An extensive selection of religious artwork It is a 40 page Word document (easily amended, edited or added to). It is intended to be printed as a double-sided A4 booklet and given to students as a revision aid. It is ideal for teachers without textbooks, or who cannot allow students to take textbooks home. It can also be given to students at the start of the course and will help them with homework tasks and revision.

Positive reviews always greatly appreciated. Science Olympiad Division B Rules Manual 2015 Pdf. [ 19/11/17 - V2 uploaded with corrected spellings and grammar ]. A year ago Yet another outstanding and invaluable resource from godwin86. This 41 page, colour booklet provides everything your students will need to revise GCSE Buddhism, including summaries of the key topics and big ideas, revision tasks, example exam questions, a glossary, word searches and a personal learning checklist. My only criticism, and it is a small one, is that there are a few typos and spelling errors in the document that need to corrected. Other than that, however, this is a gift to anyone teaching Buddhism for GCSE.

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