Sg3525 Ir2110 Smps Rarity

Sg3525 Ir2110 Smps RaritySg3525 Ir2110 Smps Rarity

Oct 20, 2015. Hi folks, so I built an smps from a schematic found on the internet. It works that far it's okay but it worked when i had a 70w load light bulb attached to the output, after i tried going with a 500w bulb things just went bananas aka exploded, everything in the chain was dead and cracked open, both IRFP460. Cheap wave inverter, Buy Quality sine wave directly from China pure sine wave Suppliers: Pure sine wave/correction wave inverter DC to DC step-down module XL7015E for car home. $11.95 TMS3615NS ti synthesizer tone generator 28-pin rare last ones $4.49 2PCS ICL7665SCPA ICL7665S 7665S. Motorola MC74HCT00A integrated circuit 16 $10 KA3S1265R smps controller ic 5P fairchild. $6.22 5 pcs IR2110S sop-16 IR2110 smd-16 high and low side driver $27.99 100 pcs HEF4011BP dip-14.

This is for how to make a full bridge dual transformer switch mode DC-DC power supply for a car amplifier or for any kind of battery use. Input voltage is 10-16V. Rock Plaza Central Are We Not Horses Rare. Input current can reach up to 100A.

Output voltage is adjustable between +/-5V and +/-63V, or from 10V to 126V, depending on how the output is connected. Maximum output current is 8A. And directly at the beginning - WARNING!

Making a SMPS is hard and difficult and dangerous and definitely not recommended for an inexperienced diyer! You can easily burn your whole car if not careful.

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