Rollei Df-s 60 Se Software

Rollei Df-s 60 Se Software

Reposted here after Printers and Printing. I am trying to advise someone on buying a scanner for his library of slides and negatives. I have done some searching, so as to be up-to-date, and came across the Rollei DF-S 290HD and PDF-S 300 Pro scanners. These have scanning times supposedly around a second, even if only 9MPx. Has anyone any experience of either of these beasties.

Happy Wheels 3 Download Itag. Whilst I am at it, I note we do not have a scanner forum, and Printers and Printing are actually the opposite end of the workflow!! Who can I ask about getting a forum for Scanners and a review of some of the various possibilities? There are many alternatives, and some techy stuff here would be very handy.

Broken Arrow Theme Song Download on this page. I use a DigitDia 5000, which is fine, but does not scan in seconds!! Surely scanners have some input to DigitalPhotography?

Dia-Film-Scanner DF-S 500 SE 5.0 Megapixel Film Scanner High scan quality at 1.800 dpi Easy to use Automatic exposure and color setting USB 2.0 port 5.0 USB. 1 Slide magazine for mounted slides 1x Slide for color negatives 1x Cleaning brush 1x USB cable 1x Software (Windows) Technical features Image Sensor 5. Rollei DF-S 60 SE/DF-S 100 SE. Post by Kevgermany ยป Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:24 pm. Anyone know anything about either of these scanners? Someone I know needs a cheap film scanner, reasonable picture quality. Price looks OK, but am not sure how reasonable the scanners are. Kev Man is limited by his fears, not by his.

Fmian and Bob, I was hoping for a reply which would illuminate on whether these Rollei scanners were what they claim to be. You will both realise that 1 sec for a scan is pretty much out of this world, so I want to know if the claim holds up, and if there is some other downside which only using the thing shows up.

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