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Free Download My Sword Bible Apk. Lets face it.Rainbow Six 1 was a masterpiece.No old school r6er can deny how much fun they truly had playing match after match on Mplayer and MSN Gaming zone. Unfortunately, Rainbow Six 1 is now a dead game. It is an abandoned and forgotten work of art work left out in the desolate corners of cyberspace with hardly any players still participating in online play, but WHY?!?

Every old school r6er knows the reasons that rainbow six 1's multi-player community is now dead and not still going strong with thousands of players like it once had. I want to enlighten those who don't know to these reasons and see what we can get done about this! The first reason rainbow six 1's online community died was because Mplayer and MSN Gaming zone decided to stop hosting lobbies for the games. Gamespy took over, but eventually things just fizzled out on gamespy and even gamespy doesn't host it anymore. There are now two places to play Rainbow Six 1 online.

The first is. Delonghi Pinguino C21 Manual Lymphatic Drainage. It is quite similar to MSN gaming zone in its layout and nature.almost exactly the same in my opinion. You can also play it on gameranger, although its hard to talk to people who also play rainbow six with the lack of a lobby system gameranger has. If you want to play online, I would recommend voobly.com, which still does have a small community of guys that play occasionally.

The second reason that rainbow six 1 died (if not the real reason) was that the game was always hacked to utter ****.Clans going 300-0 rank 1? Come on.I mean if you didn't cheat it was hard to win at one point. Hackers like Xzibit (whom all old r6ers once knew) would make cheats for it and sell them at a decent price in order to make a profit. There were always freelance ladders and programmers making mediocre patches to try and stop cheats and I commend them for their efforts, but there were always cheats and this, my friends, is truly why this game is dead.

It got to the point where everyone accused everyone and the fun of the game was taken out by cheat accusations and BS politics by the so called 'elites' of the game. Finally, This game died because Red Storm/Ubi soft did nothing for the game after the 1.04 patch was released. They were too busy creating new games and did nothing to keep the online community fan base flowing like they should have.If anything else, they could have made tons of money off of the advertising and update releases that could have been implemented for this game and others like Rogue Spear, RVS, and GR just to name a few. My question is what can we do? What kind of action can we take in order to restore a game that would have thousands of people playing it again if only we could implement a few updates to it?

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