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After the shutdown of top BitTorrent site BTjunkie, seizure of Megaupload and legal troubles for ThePirateBay, it’s really becoming a menace for the ‘pirates. With 20 unique weapons, 4 game modes, customizable battle settings, team vs. Options, free for all, a nuke and more hats than you can fit on 700 sloth's heads; you'll have plenty to do as you train to become the ultimate gun-toting, hoverboarding, pizza eating sloth on the block! Revel in the silliness of the slothpacalypse,. Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone!

Around 10 years ago, Mike received something special from an old friend - a pizza dough recipe. He worked on it for a while, and eventually passed it along to Aaron. This pizza recipe was so awesome that Mike started to write a cookbook around it - how to make the dough, some ideas for pies that you could make, stuff like that. He shared it with Aaron, who was already completely obsessed with the recipe. Aaron took it and evolved it further, writing notes, and testing as he went. Since then, three babies and a podcast were born, and the idea to revive “The Pizza Book” seemed like a really good one.

We were getting together every week to work on and share our ideas and visions, and this gave us an excuse to finally make the book a reality. Pizza is about sharing. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the answer to the question, “Why are you guys so obsessed with making pizza?” and while we don’t know all of the answers (Some questions don’t have answers, like ‘Why are sunsets pretty?’ or ‘Why are the Rolling Stones so much better than The Beatles?’), we definitely know some. We both grew up eating pizza all the time - on the street, at birthday parties, at home, wherever. Every time we make and share pizza with friends and family, we make connections to all of the slices we’ve eaten, and it makes us feel like home. As soon as a pizza is done being made, it is cut into equal pieces, because it is meant to be shared. A cookbook about pizza is a chance to show off some of our favorite flavor combinations, cultural inspirations, personal quirks, and more.

This cookbook lets us share so much more than just the recipe for the dough itself - it’s a chance to really have fun with it. You love pizza and want to make it at home.

Pizza is an awesome gateway into learning how to handle dough, bake bread, and more. Get on board with us! The book has a ton of detail and science from our extensive reading and testing. We’re nerds about this stuff and we want to share that obsession with you. We love a challenge, and when people told us that it wasn’t accessible to make decent pizza at home, we knew we could make it happen, and we have.

Our recipe has been tested by friends and family who attest to the fact that this is some of the best pizza they’ve had anywhere, at home or in a restaurant. Breaking down how to make pizza at home. • An amazing recipe for pizza dough that you can make at home. • Recipes for all of our favorite pizza varieties. • Beverage pairings to quench your thirst.

• Guest recipes from amazing folks. • A Pizza Topping Glossary. • Extended detail and knowledge about every aspect of making pizza at home. The Pizza Book will look good. If we get to $55K by the end of the project, we will construct and detail the process of building and using traditional wood fired ovens. More details here: We're serious about this pizza game. We’ve proven that passion is the right motivator for awesome work. We’ve had some friends and colleagues test the recipe recently and this is what they've been saying: 'This is way better than my husbands Pizza' -- Ellen Quint Delivery in Q2 of 2016 We’ve already been working tirelessly on the copy which we hope to have finished before the holiday season. Prodigy Discography Torrent Mp3 Tag.

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