Patch Panel Switch Structured Diagram


Hi everyone, I am always looking at new ways of doing things, although some are experimental and some may have it's faults. But I am willing to try and take a risk of doing things easier. I have been an architect since my Service Provider days, being into enterprise a lot focus has change. Instead of being on the edge of Technologies, we are way behind. And mostly because of risk involve. I am a doing, i have engineered MPLS-TE on M320 then multi links.

Patch Panel Switch Structured Diagram

That's a piece of work that are still in place with my feature of using ratio. Anyway, today topic is about structure cabling, and i had a chance to do it a few years ago to do tech refresh for 300 over Access switches. And i was going thru the process of doing it myself over the existing setup and it was a pain to change 20 switches in one location over 3 days weekends.

Instead having to try to label every single cable, i took a snap shot of the configuration and mark the interesting/Special port on the cable and make sure it goes back. I was thinking it would be good to have a system to track the devices on the switch port - so i have - i build Cacti's Plugin Mac Track. Terrific tools that tells me if they have swap the Server cable wrongly - it basically track the Mac Address on the Machine into the switch, switch port, which vlan and has a time stamp. But that isn't good enough, I need to change the way how we do cabling, why don't i get rid of labels, do a direct connection since the a 48ports switches are matched at 24 ports patch panel, I will put the switch in between the panel and use short cables - it's Drop Down. Not only I think this is a good way for my campus team also it's immediately became dummy proof.(sorry no pun intended). Of course depending on space we can space the empty spacing between the switch and the patch panels.

Drivers Subsonic Controller Mods there. Often found in a building's telecommunications closet, patch panels serve a central role in the administration of the telecommunications network. 'They provide ease. For example, if two workers must transfer desk locations, a simple switch of patch cords into various ports on a patch panel can ease the move. Without this.

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