Mayavi Serial In Jaya Tv

Mayavi Serial In Jaya TvMayavi Serial In Jaya Tv

GV films announced Mayavi in 2005 and telecast it on south Indian channel Jaya TV for 26 episodes as a weekly show. It was the first live action 3D serial on Indian television screens and it currently airs on Kairali TV. According to an official release, GV films has finalised the telecasting of the serial in. Look what i just found,Gurmeet(Ram) acted in an old tamil serial called 'Mayavi' which aired on Jaya Tv.and another interesting fact is that Debina(Sita) too acted in the same they were always destined to be together i guess.maybe sagar liked their pairing and casted them in. 875426. Mayavi, a stereoscopic series on Jaya TV. 268 × 204 - 12k - jpg Gurmeet Choudhary - GC fans have a Look:-) (Page 3) 3333823. 700 × 530 - 106k - jpg gurmeet in mayavi tamil serial pic 3565694 Punar Vivah Forum 730 × 1000 - 209k - jpg Gurmeet Choudhary - GC fans have a Look:-) (Page 3) 3333823. 700 × 502 - 103k - jpg new pics of debina & gurmeet 963152 Ramayan Forum 351 × 258 - 19k - jpg 3D serial ' Mayavi' wins at Seoul Global TV Drama Awards Indian. 280 × 185 - 17k - jpg Maya (Tamil TV series) - Wikipedia 394 × 253 - 18k - jpg HappyAnniversaryGurmeet&DebinaChoudhary!:: 2777302 Chidiya. 700 × 525 - 107k - jpg serial in jaya tv news 367 × 294 - 57k - png GURMEET DEBINA ~ The Charming LoveBirds* AT - 1 3573833. 644 × 401 - 116k - jpg Mayavi serial in jaya tv wikipedia 700 × 464 - 60k - jpg About Us.

We are a premium & prominent celebrity management. 960 × 720 - 162k - jpg Mayavi, a stereoscopic series on Jaya TV.

262 × 214 - 16k - jpg Did you know which was Gurmeet's first TV show? 1666369 Geet. 445 × 297 - 18k - jpg Gurmeet Debina in Mayavi ~ A Glimpse - YouTube 480 × 360 - 13k - jpg generationio960.weebly. Mayavi Serial In Jaya Tv Videos - generationio 900 × 690 - 78k - jpg serial in jaya tv wiki 2560 × 1440 - 303k - jpg The six-pack Ram: Gurmeet Choudhary brunch Hindustan Times 640 × 480 - 25k - jpg Mayavi tamil serial episodes of lost 200 × 150 - 20k - jpg serial in jaya tv cast 1600 × 1066 - 378k - jpg.

Here’s a new dimension to television programming! Mayavi, a 3D Stereoscopic TV series produced by GV Films and airing on Jaya TV is adding a new dimension to content on TV. The serial is a fantasy thriller on the lines of superheroes such as Batman, Phantom and Superman but here as is evident from the title of the show, the superhero or the main character is Mayavi. Produced by G. Finale 2009 Torrent Mac Cleaner. V films the show has been on air on Jaya TV for almost a month is telecasted every Saturday at 9pm in Tamil. Negotiations are on to telecast the Hindi version of the serial on channels across India. Inspired by the comic book character ‘Mayavi’, the idea of using the character was thought about by Elavarasan, the director of the serial. Work on the project started in December ’05 with 4 artists working on the central character, 10 on the important background characters and around sixty to eighty artists on other aspects of the film.

Each episode took around eight days to shoot with a Sony Beta SP camera. The series revolves around Mayavi, a mysterious character whose right hand is made of steel endowed with magic powers. When he comes into contact with electricity his whole body disappears and only the steel hand is visible. Mayavi’s steel hand embodies special powers with each of the five fingers capable of drawing from one of the five basic elements, that is fire, wind, water, earth and ether.

This scenario called for creating highly stylised, hi tech looking locales, backdrops and props for the protagonist to evolve into a larger than life character achieving the utmost impossible tasks. The villain who is Mayavi’s enemy is extremely powerful with devilish powers and a dark past. This clash of the titans is the central theme with each character coming from varied backgrounds that needed clever handling of interplay. Talking about how the cinematography of the serial was planned Ravee, CEO. G.V Films shared with Animation, “Unlike traditional Cinematography anaglyph 3D devolopment involves perfect understanding of technology, technical limitations such as only wide angle, lighting, colour, production design, art direction, costume design, background and foreground colour and depth values, post production and C.G. In other words the cinematographer has to take into account of the entire gamut of these before embarking on each shoot and, therefore has to be a perfect team man with an aptitude to learn all the time and at the same time learning from mistakes.

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