Marble Game Getter Serial Numbers


The Marble Game Getter is a light, double-barrel (over-under), combination gun manufactured by the Marble's Arms & Manufacturing Company in Gladstone, Michigan. The firearm features a skeleton folding stock and a rifle barrel over a smooth-bore shotgun barrel. A manually pivoted hammer striker is used to select the. Starting manufacture in 1908, 2 variations of the Model 1908 Game Getter were offered, the 1908A featured a flexible rear sight mounted behind the hammer and the 1908B had a filler blank in that space. First shipment was serial number 10,001 - shipped to William L. Marble, the west coast representative, on Oct. Aug 20, 2011. I was on the marbles Site and looking for the original registration card for my 1921 game getter but noticed that cards 10000 to 10342 are gone and mine just happens to be one. I found that there are some very nice Game Getter folks who are trying to preserve the history of them. Serial number 10255.

If it is the 18' barrel model, Like mine, then Federally it is legal without a tax stamp. To make it CA legal, remove the grips, drill a hole and install a pin to keep the stock extended. Do not drill thru the stock as it will weaken it but just thru the grip frame so that the pin blocks the stock from folding. And reinstall the grips.

Marble Game Getter Serial Number

Then if you move out of CA you can remove the pin. What keeps the 18' barrel model illegal in CA is the OAL with the stock folded.

If it has shorter than 18' barrels, them it is a SBS and needs a tax stamp. One of my friends was given a Marbles Game Getter by his grandpa. His grandpa has had it for a very long time.

If it was properly registered by the grandpa as an AOW, it needs to be transfered to who ever ends up with it the correct way. It would be an AOW, not an SBS, because it is a firearm with both rifled and smoothbarrels which are between 12' and 18'. Because it is an AOW, it is legal in CA, provided it is properly registered to the possessor. Crime Story Malayalam Movie Mp3 Songs Download. If it is an AOW (you didn't mention the barrel lenghs), it would a be a crime to sell it to anybody, in any state, if it was not previously registered as an AOW and then transfered to the buyer without an approved Form 4. If it is an illegal AOW, then IIRC, disposing of the barrel would make it legal. A legal Game Getter looks like it could be woth a couple grand, so it is important for the executor of the estate to do everything he can to find the registration paperwork for the Game Getter, provided it exists.

And even if no paperwork can be found, it may still be registered with BATF. In that case, it is suggested that he contact an attorney who can call BATF with the serial number of the firearm to determine if it is registered. If it is registered, then the executor can file an Form 5 to do a tax-free transfer to the person named in the will, or a $5 Form 4 if it ends up getting sold to someone else. Use of an attorney is important, because of attorney/client privledge if no record of any registration can be found. Clearly, this gun isn't California legal. He also does not want to destroy mentioned above, if it is a properly registered AOW, it is CA legal.

Is there anyway to sell it out of state? If it is a registered AOW, yes, it can be sold out of state, or kept in CA. If it is under 18' can it be sold to someone out of state?again, if it is a registered AOW, then it can be sold in or out of CA. If it is not registered as an AOW with the feds, it can't be sold as-is to anyone, in any state. Ke6guj got it right, teaches me to post from work without checking my libary at home. I was mainly posting to show that there is hope of keeping it.

Mine got passed to me from my grandfather who got it from his hunting partner who didn't want his kids to fight over it. I do not know which parts would be legal but I hope for your friends sake that the barrels are 18' or it is a registered AOW. I have never found a serial # on mine (it's a later model with a 22LR/ 410ga 2 1/2') but it shoots great.

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