Mach S Noch Einmal Schlafen

Mach S Noch Einmal SchlafenMach S Noch Einmal Schlafen

Hello everyone, and welcome to our German Word of the Day. And today it is time for it. Noch the nightmare. Noch the spook. Serial Number On Uk National Insurance Letter here. I know it sounds crazy but the word has been taunting me. Like under the shower I would think about it and the suddenly I would hear it ta “You want to explain me? You don’t even speak German that well.” There.

Driick die Augen zu, fest. (Das Kind versteckt die Augen hinter den Handen.) Noch fester! Bleib so — still! Oder er holt Dich! (Singt): Madel, mach's. Unter deinen Fingern glanzt's ja. Ein Ohr-Ringlein — hab's gefun- den — WOZZECK. Ich hab so noch nix gefun- den! — Zwei auf einmal!

There it was again did you hear that? Oh god, I feel like I’m going crazy. It is really time we put an end to this. Today it’s on.

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