Layby Reminder Template For Payment


Hi I’m working on a clients’ site that uses this plugin with Woocommerce Bookings. They are using it to enable people to book campervan hire. They want the deposit to be £500 per booking which they would have to pay online, then they’d pay the remaining balance when collecting the campervan (usually lower than the deposit amount). I have implemented it as per your documentation, but unfortunately it’s not showing deposits in the basket/cart – only the amount for the campervan hire. Can you please help!? Thanks, Laura.

Layby Reminder Template For Payments

The system has the capability to send automatic payment reminders to customers who have outstanding invoices. By default, the system can send up to 3. You can edit the wording of your payment reminder emails for each of the 3 payment reminders from within the email templates. To access this, simply navigate to. Friendly reminder email template. To: (Insert recipient email (generally accounts payable) here) CC: (insert other relevant emails (e. Aflac Duck Sound File there. g. Business Director or owner) here) Subject: Invoice Payment Reminder - IMPORTANT. Dear (insert accounts payable name). Note: it is best if you use their name as it makes it more personal.

Hi there, Great plugin so far, it’s working fine for me. I have one question though.

Layby Reminder Template For Payment

When you set a variable product to take a percentage deposit, it only will take the percentage of the lowest possible variation. For example if my lowest variation comes to £600, and there is another that comes out at £800, it will still only take a percentage of £600 even if the user selects variations that equal to £800. Is it possible to make this plugin take a percentage of the product total if it’s a variable product and not the lowest amount? It’s making things hard that it only takes a percentage of the lowest variation. Regards, Karam.

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