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The Good Improved front and rear cameras -- now with optical image stabilization -- deliver much improved photos, especially in low light. Water resistant. Download Song Of High School Musical 2 English. A faster processor, plus slightly better battery life. More onboard storage than last year's models for the same price. The Bad No headphone jack (but there's a dongle and compatible wired headphones in the box). Nissan Maxima 07 Manual Transmission. Click-free home button takes getting used to. Only the larger 7 Plus has the cool dual camera.

Shiny jet-black version scratches easily. The Bottom Line The iPhone 7's notable camera, battery and water resistance improvements are worthwhile upgrades to a familiar phone design. But ask yourself if you really need an upgrade.

Iphone 7

Every bit as powerful as it looks-this is iPhone 7. The fastest performance and best battery life in an iPhone. Water and splash resistant.

Iphone 7 Deals

And if the Plus might be a better choice. Curved wraparound screen? Wireless charging? Are you bothered that the 2016 looks the same as its predecessor? If you are, I understand the feeling. The () doesn't feel like the 'whole new thing.' Does that bother you?

But is it better? Except for one small 3.5-millimeter thing. The iPhone 7 was released in September, so you've certainly heard by now that it and it looks almost identical to the 2014 and 2015. It's faster, it's better -- but its successor is likely to be announced in September 2017. Sarah Tew/CNET There are plenty of good or even great Android to choose from now, from the 2017 and to the 2016. The iPhone 7 beats these on speed, but not on battery life.

Its size, performance and camera are unique features -- along with being a way to use, of course -- but the iPhone's unique qualities are, this time, improved in many subtle ways. But there are still compelling reasons to consider an iPhone 7, even if you own one of those recent iPhone models. Provided you have an affordable way to upgrade. • The iPhone 7 is now fully water-resistant (it can take a shallow dunking). • The camera takes notably better photos, especially in low light, and adds the optical image stabilization feature previously restricted to the 5.5-inch Plus model.

• The battery lasts a little bit longer -- sometimes it's notable, other times it feels just slightly better than the iPhone 6S. • The processor is definitely faster, although keep in mind that last year's iPhone 6S has more than enough speed for most people's needs. It's also got a 'wide color gamut' screen with enhanced color accuracy, and enhanced stereo speakers, though I didn't find those improvements as critical as the ones above. And the home button isn't 'clickable' anymore -- it uses the same pressure sensitivity and vibration feedback found on the. It works perfectly well, but takes some getting used to because there's no mechanical click when you press the home button.

As with 2015's iPhone choices, you can also opt for the step-up, which offers a larger screen (5.5 inches vs. But that model's big attraction is the dual rear cameras, which enable 2x optical zoom and a cool in-camera 'bokeh' effect portrait mode, which blurs the background while keeping the foreground in focus. (That's the model I'd pick this year, but the 7 Plus is still a handful to hold, and it's expensive.) Now, should you wait until September 2017? All the rumors point to delivering a major design overhaul for the iPhone's 10th anniversary -- anything from a -style wraparound OLED screen to a fingerprint sensor hidden under the screen to wireless charging. It's tempting.

But in the meantime, especially if you want to take advantage of the various retro-contract 'free with two-year commitment' offers, know that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are worthy, useful upgrades to their predecessors -- even if they look almost identical from the outside. All things iOS 10 • • • Let's not diminish the missing headphone jack. The loss will hurt, especially while other iPhones exist that still have a headphone jack onboard. If you want to plug regular headphones into your new iPhone, a process that seemed simple and uncomplicated before, you now need to consider whether you brought the included dongle, or have a pair of. Or your special Lightning that come in the box.

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