Installing 3d Custom Girl Mods List


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NOTE – Since a new patch has been released (12/12/17), this will no longer be updated. Broken Mods posts will only be done for big patches (example – when new packs release), so please don’t expect these for every patch. New patch is out, which means your mods may need to be updated.

Installing 3d Custom Girl Mods List

As always, you should make sure they are compatible before re-enabling your mods. Creators will usually state whether their mod needs updated or not in their descriptions. However, for those of you that don’t want to jump from site to site to find out, you can check here! Note – With Pets installed you may notice mods/cc that were working before, no longer do. As always make backups of your saves!

Celcom Broadband Mf190 Installer Gta more. If you have a mod not listed, please feel free to comment with the mod name(s). This list is updated frequently, so please check to make sure they’re not already listed. Before reporting a mod as Incompatible, please test the mod by itself with no other mods/cc installed, thank you! Thank you everyone for your reports, you’re all awesome!

NOTE – Mods will not be put into the Compatible section unless the creators state the status of their mods or they’re checked/tested properly. This list will be updated as the status of these mods changes. – – – – – Incompatible These mods need to be updated, some have just been reported as being broken, so not all are confirmed.

To be on the safe side, do not add them back to your game. You need to re-download updated versions when they’re released. Please be patient with the creators, not all of them can update right away. General Mods that WILL need updated: • Custom Traits – (Personality Traits) Not showing anymore:.

I was searching for how to install Mod in Custom Maid 3D 2 without HF Patch. Simply because HF patch managed to messed up my game files. 񪠷᳼ Spotlight. Other than that, I prefer to keep the game much cleaner from foreign patch, unless it is a mod.

It’ll make the game run into less trouble. Your preferences might be different from me. It was pretty difficult to find a proper guide to install the Mod without HF Patch. But actually the steps itself is so easy.

You just need to copy the mod files to Sybaris GameData in your CM3D2 directory or folder. Before that, I realize there is no Sybaris folder in CM3D2 directory. So what the hell? It turns out you need to download Sybaris first and extract it to CM3D2 root directory. Sybaris can be downloaded from this link: So how do you install Sybaris? Just extract the files to CM3D2 root directory. Sybaris directory must be one level below CM3D2 directory.

And you should found GameData, Loader, Plugins, Poses, and Preset directories inside Sybaris directory. See below to understand more. Now that you already have Sybaris in your CM3D2 directory. You just need to install the mod.

It turns out to be very simple. Just copy the mod you want to install to GameData directory inside Sybaris directory. Much easy, eh? I’ll give you an example. I am going to use Eila chara mod from Strike Witches from below. エイラMODうp よろしくー — お腹すいた@オッパイマイスター (@08860onakasuita) So, all I need to do is extract エイラ folder from the zip file to GameData folder like this.

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