Instacode Crack 2008 Silverado


When I picked my truck up from my dealer after they fixed the water leaks I found a crack on the passenger side of the dash, left corner of the airbag. I only have 23K miles on my truck but the BTB warranty ran out on Fed 7, 2014. I ask me dealer if they could cover this since it is a known defect and that I am so close to the expiration of the warranty. My service advisor said she would see what she could do. Today, she advised me that they would repair the current dash and if it were to crack again they would see if it could be warrantied or replaced at that time.

Instacode Crack 2008 Silverado

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I am not looking forward to having my dash tore apart but it is what it is and I would rather have them replace it instead. She said she couldn't get approval from the service manager to replace the dash. I know my crack is not as bad as some I've seen, in fact, currently it is just a crack and is not split all the way through yet, but it's not going to get better and I just what it fixed and not have to worry about it at least for a few more years. My thinking on this is that this will really be my only chance at getting any help from GM with replacing it. I ended the conversation with asking her if it were possible to have it replaced under warranty even if I were to pay a deductible, as I have read about from some of you on here. Download Lagu Nasyid Umam Sepohon Kayu here.

I would not have an issue with that I just want it fixed right. Has anyone else gotten this type of fix from your dealership for repairing the cracked dash panel? Yeah, there are alot of people on here who have had that issue, including myself. I had 4 cracks in my dash. I had the dealer quote me almost $1600 to replace my dash and 4 interior door handles, as the chrome wrap was coming off on them.

I belive the dash fix itself was about $1000 of that. After talking to GM Customer assistance on here, they talked to the dealer and were able to get a quote of $800 for the entire job, with GM picking up half of the bill.

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