Industrial Exhaust System Design Software

Industrial Exhaust System Design Software

CONTAM is the popular NIST tool that predicts airflows and contaminant concentrations in multizone building systems. CONTAM is based on a graphic interface that allows the user to draw floor plans on a 'sketchpad' and employ 'icons' to represent airflow paths, ventilation system components, and contaminant sources. Simulation Engineering Benefits Realize the benefits to having Design Systems, Inc. Conduct a simulation engineering analysis on your system. No facility or operation. Chapter 3 defines criteria engineers must consider in the design of ventilation systems. Chapter 4 provides ways to estimate the rate at which contaminants are generated and emitted by industrial processes. Chapter 5 shows how the assumption of 'well mixed' can be used to predict contaminant concentrations in rooms,. FAN ENGINEERING II - For anyone involved in advanced design and/or installation of fans for all heavy commercial/industrial fan applications. • Fan installation.

Functional except cannot save files // Heavent package (note: all programs toggle freely between S.I. And inch-pound units) Included Purpose of each component of the software package Heavent gives a user with a reasonably good understanding of ventilation design methods the ability to do things even the most expert and energetic engineers cannot do without the program.

Heavent can: 1) Design optimal new systems, 2) Redesign installed systems, and 3) Aid in commissioning or troubleshooting systems. For detailed discussions of Heavent's features, just click For screen shots, click. Hv_meas is a DOS program you can download for. 1) Aids in taking static pressure and Pitot traverse readings in the field 2) Provides real-time troubleshooting analysis 3) Exports measured values to Heavent, allowing reliable redesign of installed systems, however new or old. Screen shots are can be reaching by clicking Note: you will not believe how much this program speeds up monitoring and troubleshooting if you use it with a digital manometer connected to a laptop computer. Hv_cal Aids in calibrating digital pressure manometers.

Dilution Aids in dilution ventilation calculations employing the commonly used one-cell, mass-balance model (which is seriously flawed but usually much better than guessing). Manual Over 200 pages of guidance, step-by-step procedures for common problems, and example problems. All input and design choices are explained -- including the ventilation issues behind them.

Description of Heavent software Heavent is software package for industrial exhaust ventilation design, redesign, balancing, and troubleshooting. It can be used for exhaust systems of any complexity and size. However, it is not intended for any type of supply-air system. What you get: The Heavent software package contains 4 programs, a manual, and a primer on some aspects of ventilation design and practice. The four programs are listed in the table below. The package does virtually everything involved in exhaust ventilation design.

Philosophy of forgiveness: The programs assume you: a) haven't designed a system in months or years and that you require assistance in recalling what to do b) will make mistakes out of inattention, fatigue, or lack of specific knowledge c) will change your mind repeatedly about every entry you've made d) want to play 'what if?' To try out different choices in your design e) would rather not have to remember to do anything f) would rather not compute anything by hand or calculator Our goals 1) M ake ventilation design simpler and more predictable. 2) Make optimization possible. 3) Remove the guesswork from redesign of installed systems 4) Make balancing with dampers dramatically faster and easier.

5) Drastically reduce the time and effort required for measurements so that monitoring becomes more commonplace. 6) Make troubleshooting quantitative and reliable Ease of use We work continuously to make the programs as accurate, robust, intuitive, fast, flexible and forgiving as we possibly can. All options are clearly presented on drop-down menus that display only the choices that make sense for that situation.

User inputs are minimized through extensive use of user-editable defaults. Every single user input is subjected to a series of plausibility checks to catch typos and other mistakes. Any entry and every decision can be changed at any time with negligible time and effort.

For example, you can switch back and forth between S. Gfi Languard 11 1 Keygen Mac. I. And inch pound units at will using a single key stroke. Hardware and operating system requirements: The software package can run on virtually any computer running Windows 95 or higher. It requires no other software to run.

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