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SketchyPhysics is a real-time physics simulation plugin for SketchUp created by Chris Phillips. See extended versions maintained by PituPhysics: SP 3.5, the unofficial release, comes with many bug fixes, API improvements & enchantments, support for SU6 or later, and compatibility for Mac OS X 10.5+ & MSFT Windows. For now, it's only compatible with SketchUp 32bit. SP 3.5 is compatible with most if not all SketchyPhysics models.

Indigo Renderer V2 6 1 Cracked Me Up Buttercup

Even Some SP 3RC1 models incompatible with SP 3.2 are compatible with SP 3.5. There is one thing user must keep in mind. Most scripted models from 3D Warehouse don't work in SketchUp 2014; however, they do work in SketchUp 2013 and below. That is because SketchUp 2014 uses Ruby 2.0.0; meanwhile, prior SketchUp versions use Ruby 1.8.x.

Jun 25, 2015. V-Ray for SketchUp; Twilight Render; Thea Render; SU Podium V2; Podium Walker; Shaderlight; Renditioner/Renditioner Pro; Render[in]; Raylectron; Maxwell for SketchUp; LumenRT; LightUp for. 1 Indigo Renderer; 2 Maxwell Rendering Plugin for Sketchup Review; 3 Render[in] Review; 4 Thea Render.

There were Ruby syntax changes since 1.8.x, which all scripts must be updated for compatibility with SketchUp 2014. See for instructions. Not many features were added since SP 3.2.

However, there were descent changes and improvements to SketchyPhysics API, which minimize potentials for crash and errors. One major optimization in SP 3.5 is avoiding to modify group/component axes. In SP 3.2, whenever simulation would start, SP code would iterate through all groups/components and shift their axes to a different location, which is the group's bounds center. There are two cons of doing this. One, it may disturb the user that their model is modified.

Two, it takes time to shift axes. It would take forever for SP to start if there were thousand of groups awaiting simulation. I'm not sure why this axes shift was added in the first place, but I think it was made to keep the original drag tool working properly -- if group origin is not in its predefined centre of mass (which is groups bounds center) the drag tool works improperly. Despite such complications, SP 3. Irrigation Powerpoint Template - Irrigation Powerpoint (Ppt) Presentation Templates : Free Programs. 5 does not modify group/component axes and uses a custom drag tool to prevent any improper behavior.

Along with that, start simulation performance has been improved significantly. Another optimization is removing any unused attributes created by SP, which keeps the model clean, and reduces its size. Driver Video P4m890 M7 Se Windows 7 more. Last, but not least, SP 3.5 handles script errors like a charm. Any error in simulation is either printed in console or forces simulation to reset. In SP 3.2, such operations did not turn out successfully. Here are some more improvements and changes since SP 3.3: • Scaled groups/components have proper collisions.

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