How To Remove Front License Plate Bracket Chevy Equinox


If you buy your new car off the lot, or you purchase a used car in a state that requires front license plate tags, and your home state doesn't, you'll often find that the dealer or previous owner required that a front license plate bracket be installed. While the need for these is perfectly understood, (state or local laws), they can be. Really don't like the bulky license plate thingy on the front and want to remove it. It is held on by 4 of the most unusual bolts/screws/clips I have. The 2017 Chevrolet Traverse offers an optional package (VK3) for mounting the front license plate bracket for the front license plate. To ALL dealers/service personnel- PLEASE do NOT automatically put on the front license plate bracket even if you are in a state that requires two plates! Let the customer decide if they want holes in their bumper and an ugly bracket! My Chevy Cruze LTZ RS came from another dealer and not the one I.

Coda 2 0 9 Keygen Crack. Installing a front license plate holder with pop rivets instead of the usual screws may not be such a difficult task but it can actually be a tricky job. If you are not able to install it properly, the license plate could come loose while you are driving on the road and become a hazard which can be dangerous for other road drivers.

How To Remove Front License Plate Bracket Chevy Equinox

You may also get a ticket and fined heftily if you are pulled over by a mobile patrol for lost license plate. Pop rivets are better than screws because they are not turned loose by bumps and vibrations which are normal in driving a vehicle. You do not have to hire professional help to do it since you can do the job yourself. Step 1 - Checking on Requirements Before installing a holder for a front license plate, check on the Department of Motor Vehicles office locally if you are required to have a front license plate in the state you are in. Most jurisdictions require a front and back license plate but it is safer to check first to avoid incurring a violation. Step 2 - Removing the License Plate Remove your license plate by locating the two screws that are on top of the plate and unscrewing them with a screwdriver.

Step 3 - Fitting the License Plate Holder Once the license plate is removed from its mount, slide it into position inside the holder. There are usually two holes found on top and bottom of the holder. Mark their positions on the license plate. There are other styles of license plate holders that may have attachment holes on other parts of the frame. Mark their positions on the license plate as well. Step 4 - Drilling the License Plate If your license plate does not have holes that align with the holes found on the plate holder, you will have to drill it using an electric drill. The size of the bit to use should be the same as the size of your pop rivets.

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