How To Install Desktop Theme Pack Windows 7


A theme is a combination of desktop background pictures, Window colors, sound scheme and a screensaver. Windows 7 introduces a new file format (.themepack) which is basically file that can contain images, audio files for sound scheme, mouse cursors, icons and the.theme file itself. This file format was introduced.

How To Install Desktop Theme Pack Windows 7

To Make a Theme Pack NOTE: If you have not already, then you will need to customize your current Windows 7 theme to how you want the theme pack to be saved as by changing the items you want listed below. Change the picture and settings. Change the settings. Change the for the Windows 7 sound events to any sound file that you would like instead. Change the and settings to be used for this theme pack. Change the (cursors) to use pointers of your choice.

Proceed to OPTION TWO below to save your customized theme as a theme pack. To Save Current Theme as a Theme Pack File NOTE: This will save the current customized theme you have running now as a.themepack file with any name you like to any location that you select. Right click on a empty space on the desktop and click on Personalize. (See screenshot below) 2. Under My Themes, click on the Save theme link towards the right. (See screenshot above) 3. Type in a name you want for this theme, and click on the Save button.

(See screenshot below) 4. Under My Themes, right click on the current theme and click on Save theme for sharing. (See sceenshot below) 5. Navigate to the location that you want to save the.themepack file at, type in a file name for the.themepack, and click on the Save button.

Tamil Love Sad Songs Collection Free Download. (See screenshot below) 6. You can now close the Personalization window. (See screenshot under step 2).

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