Gomez Peer Pending

Gomez Peer PendingGomez Peer Pending

All pending PEERs are continuously considered for activation. Gomez selects which PEERs to activate based on validated System Characteristics, System Activity and business need. Harley Davidson Sound Clips Download. Make sure you download, install, and run the Gomez PEER application to accrue system activity. Only peers with accrued system activity will. Feb 24, 2010. I signed up quite some time ago, and I've now reached 41205 online minutes - and I'm still PENDING. Really sick of waiting now. For how long did you.

After a long time I am back and I am going to write something that most of the GOMEZ members asks. Lots of people are asking me they are running GOMEZ PEER ZONE and they are still pending. Currently, GOMEZ PEER ZONE already have lots of member and it doesn't mean that they don't need more members. But inorder to become active GOMEZ member you may have to run them for 5 months. If you will do so they will make you active.

Just run GOMEZ PEER for 5 hours daily and within 5 months you will be an ACTIVE GOMEZ member. I don't mean that it will take 4 months it can be in 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 1 month. But maximum it will take 5 months.

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