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Having come to the profession only when in his late 30's,Bawa has built an astonishing number of works, primarily in his home country but also in the South Asia region. His international standing was finally confirmed in 2001 when he received the special chairman’s award in the eighth cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, becoming only the third architect and the first non- Moslem to be so honored since the award’s inception.

Bawa was born in 1919 and came late to ar ch it ec tu re, on ly qu al if yi ng in 1957 at the age of thirty-eight, but he s o o n e s t a b l is h e d h i m s e lf a s S r i Lan ka’ s mos t pro lif ic and inv en tiv e ar ch it ec t, la yi ng do w n a ca no n of prototypes for buildings in a tropical Asian context. Although best know n for his private houses and hotels, his po rt fo lio al so inc lu de d sc ho ols an d un iv er si ti es, fa ct or ie s an d of fi ce s, public buildings and socia l buildi ngs a s w e l l a s t h e n e w S r i L a n k a Parlia ment. His archit ectu ral career spanned forty years and was ended in 1 9 98 b y a s t r o k e w h ic h l e f t h im paralyzed. He died in 2003. B aw a’ s w or k is ch ar ac t er iz e d by se ns it iv it y to si te an d co nt ex t. He produc ed “sus tainab le archit ectu re” long before the term was coined, and ha d de ve lo pe d hi s ow n “r eg io na l modernist” stance well in advance of the theo retici ans.

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His desig ns broke down the barriers between inside and outside, between interior design and landsc ape archit ectu re and reduc ed bui ldin gs to a ser ies of sc eno gra phi cal ly con cei ved spa ces se par ate d by courtyards and gardens. One of his most striking achievements is his own garden at Lunuganga which he fashioned from an abandoned rubber estate. Service Tool Version 3400 Grams. This project occupied him for fifty years, and he used it as a test bed for his emerging ideas. The result is a series of outdoor rooms conceived with an exquisite sense of theatre as a civilized wilderness on a quiet backwater in the greater garden of Sri Lanka. Geoffrey Bawa had a passion for the island’s varying natural landscapes, scenes that he used as the focal points around which he created his buildings. The end result was a unique architectural style that erased boundaries between the `outside’ and `inside’ of li vi ng an d wo rk in g sp ac es.

Geoffrey Bawa The Complete Works Pdf ViewerGeoffrey Bawa The Complete Works Pdf Viewer

Wi th s k i lf u l p o s i t i o n i n g o f t h e b u i lt e n v ir o nm e n t t o t a k e o p t im u m advantage of the surrounding vistas, Ba wa ’s ar ch it ec tu re sh ow s gr ea t appreciation of natural elements; the tr op ic al su n, oc ea n br ee ze, lu sh gr ee ne ry an d fl ow in g wa te r. Wi th th e s e c on s id e re d, B a wa m ak es seam less transition s of the outs ide envir onme nt to beau tiful struc tures allowing comfortable and enhanced dai ly lif e.

Wid e cou rty ard s, sha ded wa lk wa ys an d op en ve ra nd ah s fe at ur e he av il y in hi s de si gn. Al l th es e ele me nts con trib ute d to a uni que archit ect ura l st yle – a leg acy tha t wil l continue to influence, educate, and develop the creative minds of generations of Sri Lankan architects. The intense devotion he brings to composing his architecture in an intimate rel ati ons hip wit h nat ure is wit nes se d by his att ent ion to lan dsc ape and ve ge ta ti on, th e cr uc ia l se tt in g fo r his ar ch it ec tu re. Hi s se ns it iv it y to environment is reflected in his careful attention to the sequencing of space, the creation of vistas, courtyards, and walkways, the use of materials and treatment of details. His architecture is a subtle blend of mo de rni ty an d tr ad it io n, Ea st an d West, formal and picturesque; he has broken down the artificial segregation of ins id e an d ou ts ide, bu il din g an d landscape; he has drawn on tradition to create an architecture that is fitting to its place, and he has also used his vast knowledge of the modern world to create an archit ectur e that is of its time. Although it might be thought that his buildings have had no direct impact on the lives of ordinary people, Bawa has exerted a defining influence on the em er gi ng ar ch it ec tu re of in de pe nd en t Sr i La nk a an d on su cc es si ve generations of younger architects.

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