Free Download Achieve Ielts Practice Test Book

Free Download Achieve Ielts Practice Test Book

[/URL][URL='(Achieve IELTS Practice Test Book with Audio CD Author: Llen, Elaine & Bazin, Anthea Publisher: Marshall Cavendish ELT Format: PDF + WMA Publication Date: 2008 Description: This useful practice test books, containing four complete IELTS practice tests, can be used as a self-study resource or as part of an IELTS course. It provides practice for students preparing for the academic test at any level as well as a compehensive overview and test-taking strategies.

Here is a collection of free online course, lessons and practice tests to help you score 8+ in IELTS. Most of the following content leads to a 3rd-party website and clicking a link will open a new window.

#1 Free IELTS Online Course British Council IELTS and FutureLearn have partnered to bring English language learners a free online course to prepare for IELTS. Each week, the course focuses on one of the four skill components of the IELTS test (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking), and uses videos, test samples and quizzes to give you a greater understanding of the test format and help you get your best IELTS score.

Free U2 Live Downloads String there. #2 Free IELTS Online Lessons #2.1 Academic Reading Learn how to match paragraphs to headings – a common question type in the reading test. In this IELTS Practice lesson you learn how to scan in order to answer multiple choice questions. In this IELTS lesson you learn how to answer True, False, and Not Given Questions. Further practice with matching paragraph headings to paragraphs. Learn and practice sentence completion type questions.

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