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Has some serious potential. As stated before, it's unique. I do love the simplicity of it in its UI, but it's lacking in content. Where are the hoods? Where are the bell sleeves?

Telestia Creator Fashion Design Cad Software Free Download

Bianchi Bike Serial Number Location. I'd love to rate this app 5 stars but it's simply lacking. The difficulty to move pieces around is understandable with it being a mobile app, so that gets forgiven. Should check out Polyvore for some pointers on good ways for things to be overlayed and moved. Please improve this! I'd love to use it, as I'm constantly coming up with ideas while on the go, and sometimes sketching it up takes too much time.

Galaxy Note 3: Overall, this app was exactly what I was looking for, as it allows me to truly create my own designs quickly and with little hassle. I also love how the app actually helps me with my clothing drawing practice, as I can use the templates for references on how to draw the folds and such that I want to include in the outfit. I initially had problems with the cursor appearing where my finger/stylus was touching, but restarting the app has fixed this, and I haven't had the problem, since then. I do have a problem with the app crashing, every now and then, while drawing my designs over the outlines. I haven't yet discovered whether this is a problem with the app or my phone.

View the pattern making demo and download the fashion design and sewing demos, to get a personal idea of the Telestia training courses. CAD software for clothing demo. Telestia Creator Pattern Making Software introduces a unique system of drafting the pattern for you: the Automatic function! View: 3. Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 Gt I9100 Indonesia Visa. 00 mins / 57. Virtual Fashion Pro is the first fashion design system that lets you bring your creative fantasies to life. You will be able to run a complete draping.

Despite this, however, I really do feel that this app meets my needs, at the moment. Confusing Honestly at first i was really excited because i love getting artsy and stuff like that. When i looked at the cover, the description, and the pictures it looked really detailed which it is. But when u make your design you dont see it on anybody or add any color. You just make it and when you make the only options you really have are what you want to make like skirts, pants, blouses all the simple things.

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