Dynex 4 Port Usb Hub Driver


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Dynex 4 Port Usb 2.0 Hub Driver

Retrospective The Best Of Suzanne Vega Rarity. Hello everyone! As the title of this thread says, I'm obviously missing drivers for a usb hub. I've look everywhere for help on this problem.

Dynex 4 Port Usb Hub Driver

I really hope someone here can help me. I bought a new seven port USB hub from Dynex a few weeks ago. I opened up and plugged it in. Windows properly detected it as a hub and asked for drivers.

I searched the package for a disk but couldn't find one. I read the back and it claimed to be plug and play.

I brought the hub back and exchanged it for one from Belkin. This time, the device appeared as 'Unknown USB device' and asked for drivers. This one was plug and play as well. This time, I get smart.

I go back to Best Buy, exchange it for a third hub and try it out in the parking lot. This one isn't even detected.

I went to Geek Squad and asked them to plug it into a computer to see if it was defective. It worked fine on their computers, so I tried it on mine again - still no luck. I returned the hub and went home. Now I've found an older hub made by Belkin (Four ports). It has been properly detected but asked for drivers too. In all four cases I Googled like mad to find drivers.

There's no place to download them, not even from Microsoft Update. The recovery CD didn't work either. I think I might need someone to send me the driver somehow but I'm not sure that'll work either. I'm running Windows XP Media Center SP3 on a Dell XPS M170. Every time I've tried a new hub I plugged it into the same port. The port is normally used for an external CD drive.

It still works just fine for the same purpose after testing the hubs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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