Driver Jmicron Usb To Ata/atapi Bridge


This is a bit odd. I had an old WD 40GB IDE HDD connected to my PC running XP Pro SP2 via an IDE/SATA to USB bridge, just plugged into a USB 2. Castle Miner Z Usb Mods For Bo3. 0 port. It was working fine until I plugged in an even older Maxtor 40GB ATA HDD instead. Both devices worked fine until I re-formatted the Maxtor one using Partition Commander.

Latest download for JMicron USB To ATA/ATAPI Bridge driver. Improve your pc peformance with this new update. This hotfix will update your usb related driver. Marked as answer by Arthur Xie Microsoft. I just connected a 1 TB seagate drive using USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge and the drive is getting detected in my windows 7, but disk is not getting mounted though. After initializing in Disk Manager, I am now able to see.

Jmicron Usb To Ata Atapi Bridge DriverJmicron Usb To Ata Atapi Bridge Driver Linux

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