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Loop sections of ziarat e ashura with urdu translation with subtitle زیارت ِ عاشورہ ज़ियारत ए आशूरा ziyarat e ashoora with our loop control on YouTube for Musicians! Dec 27, 2008Ziyarat Mutlaqa of Imam Ali (as) - زیارت مطلقه Haaj Mahdi Samavati. 45:33 Ziyarat Mutlaqa. Dedicated to my dear parents. Ziaarat Ashura with pleasant sound of Haj Mehdi Samavati Translated in Persian, English and Azeri languages. Features: Simple user interface playing from a specific Faraz Scrolling while playing. Enable/Disable Stay Awake Full screen view while reading. Enable/Disable translation.

Download Ziyarat Ashura SamavatiDownload Ziyarat Ashura Samavati

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