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Watch Thailand drama. 2 Moons The Series. 30+ Single On Sale. Art of the Devil 2. ATM: Er Rak Error. Back to the 90's. Bad Romance The Series. Bang Rak Soi 9/1. Bangkok Loco. Bangkok Traffic Love Story. Best of Times. ลูกตาลลอยแก้ว 2016 (พีรวัศ กุลนันท์วัฒน์, ซอนญ่า สิงหะ). DADDY จำเป็น 2016 (อุดม แต้พานิช,ภาลฎา ฐิตะวชิระ). กุหลาบตัดเพชร 2016 (จรณ โสรัตน์,ณิชารีย์ โชคประจักษ์ชัด). ไม่เคย ตอน ชายในสายหมอก 2016 (เจษฎ์พิพัฒ ติละพรพัฒน์,. Free Thai Lakorn and Drama, Thai and Laos movies,Thai News andEntertainment, Thai Actors and Actress,Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, Aum Patcharapa Chaichue,Min Peechaya Wattanamontree.

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Contents • • • • • • • • • • • Synopsis [ ] Chen Xin Yi () is an unfashionable in a law firm described as a 'sticky note girl'—a person who is helpful, but unnecessary and easy to throw away. Her co-workers frequently take advantage of her eager to please nature by dumping unwanted tasks onto her. She plans and pays for a trip on a romantic love cruise, hoping to lose her virginity and thus keep her boyfriend. Xin Yi is devastated when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her during the cruise and he tells her that he planned to break up with her all along. Drivers License Office Carrollton Georgia. On the same cruise is Ji Cun Xi (), the wealthy sole heir of a soap and cleaning products company. He had planned to propose to long-time girlfriend Anna () during the trip, but is unaware that she has stood him up for the 11th time and never boarded the cruise.

Anna is a professional ballet dancer and chose a main role in a world tour over Cun Xi. In a huge mix-up involving drugs, a third party blackmail plot, and carelessness, Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up spending the night together and have sex, only in the morning realizing the mistake. Although they vow to forget about the incident and continue on with their lives, Xin Yi soon finds out that she is pregnant and the news soon reaches to Cun Xi. Initially, they decide to have an abortion, but Cun Xi changes his mind at the last minute and offers to financially support Xin Yi until the birth, but her family rejects this and thinks abortion is best. Cun Xi's grandmother, Granny Ji, however, is ecstatic over having a great-grandchild and forces the two to get married.

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