Download Software Receiver Tanaka Hd Antenna


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Download Software Receiver Tanaka Hd AntennaDownload Software Receiver Tanaka Hd Antenna

Figure 4: Configuration of system (50 KB) In this verification experiment, the transmitter and a signal processor for forward error correction (FEC) () etc. (both developed by NTT), the receiver (developed by Fujitsu), and the radiowave propagation and measurement technology (developed by NICT) were brought together in the configuration shown in Figure 4. With the developed transmitter and receiver set facing each other, 20-Gbps data transfer was achieved.

Download Game Epsxe Yugioh. As a result, as for transmission distances exceeding 1 m, the possibility of error-free transmission () was confirmed (see Figure 5). Figure 5: System for experimental verification Furthermore, an experiment on polarization-multiplexing transmission using two transceiver sets and a polarized waves () perpendicular to each other was performed, and the results of the experiment confirmed that 40-Gbps data transfer is possible. These experiments confirmed sufficient performance as a wireless device transceiver and the utility of the developed technology. (2) Verification experiment simulating a data-downloading service With the developed transmitter installed in an information terminal, and the matching developed receiver installed in a smartphone-sized terminal, a verification experiment simulating a service for downloading data (by touching the smartphone-sized terminal on the information terminal) was performed (see Figures 6, 7, and 8).

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