Download Film Top Secret The Billionaire Subtitle Indonesia

Download Film Top Secret The Billionaire Subtitle Indonesia

Top Secret: Wai Roon Pun Lan a.k.a The Billionaire (Songyos Sugmakanan, 2011) Meet Top, a 16 year old young boy who is stubborn, annoyed, selfish, and an online game addict. Maybe there’s nothing special about him.

He’s just like another common teenager. But who knows that those are actually his valuable key to reach his successful as young entrepreneurship at age 19 years old. How can exactly Top do that? Figure out Top’s real secret on Top Secret: Wai Roon Pun Lan. This film is based on real story of Top Ittipat. Who is Top Ittipat? He is a young successful businessman from Thailand.

He actually has invented a new product which is dried fruit and seaweed snacks called “Tae Kae Noi” when he was 19 years old. His product now becomes the most popular snack in Thailand. Livro Fisica 2 Tipler Download.

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