Cork Report 1982 Pdf Reader


Free Download Program Madeline Classroom Companion 1st United. Contents • • • • • • • Principles [ ] The two key principles suggested by Cork were: “ Insolvency laws were treated by the trading community as an instrument in the process of debt recovery and constitute in many cases, the sanction of last resort for the enforcement of obligations; Insolvency laws were the means by which the demands of commercial morality can be met, through the investigation and the disciplinary measures and restrictions imposed on the bankrupt. ” Recommendations [ ] Rescue culture [ ] The central argument of the report was that too many companies were simply left to die, when they could be revived, saved or brought to a close in a more orderly way. Cork advocated that the law should encourage a 'rescue culture', to restore companies back to profitability, which would be in the longer term interests of creditors. Floating charges [ ] It also said there was no place for automatic crystallisation of ‘in modern insolvency law’, on the basis that it would adversely affect other creditors and that the charge did not need to be registered. Professional regulation [ ] Cork recommended that private insolvency practitioners should be professionally regulated to ensure adequate standards of competence and integrity. Creditors be given a greater voice in the choice of the liquidator and new penalties and constraints be placed on errant directors. Cork also proposed reforms designed to increase the survival chances of firms in difficulties.

Cork Report 1982 Pdf ReaderCork Report 1982 Pdf Reader

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