Can A Water Heater Expansion Tank Be Installed Upside Down

Can A Water Heater Expansion Tank Be Installed Upside Down

1001 Electrical Engineering Solved Problems Pdf Download. Looking to install an expansion tank for my new water heater. The old one didnt have one when I bought the house and just crapped out yesterday. Now I know the tank needs to be supported because if it ever fills with water it will be very heavy.

Can A Water Heater Expansion Tank Be Installed Upside Down

I read that it shouldnt be installed upside down because if it should fill with water it will be a mess when removing it. However, can one be installed right above the cold water inlet to the boiler using a tee? If it should fill up once you drain down the boiler it will drain into the boiler no? Also the weight would be transferred straight down so no need to hang? First determine whether or not an expansion tank will be beneficial for you. If you have a check valve or pressure reducing valve in your system, then an expansion tank could be a good addition. You have to choose the right size tank to match your WH size in gallons and your water pressure.

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Now, there are a few good locations for the tank, and they are all around the cold supply side to the water heater. Your suggestion to mount the tank exactly on the water heater could work in certain situations, but I prefer the tank to be mounted about a foot away from the water heater - but still on a T in the cold supply pipe to the WH.

Then support the tank with a custom built shelf off the wall. Up, down or side way mount - doesn't matter. The main thing is to have the tank rest on the shelf. Another good idea for convenience is to install a shut off ball valve, after the T and on the way to the tank. Google 'sizing an expansion tank' and you'll get sites with sizing calculators. They will ask you to fill in info like: WH size in gallons (50), water pressure in the house (should be between 50 and 75), WH water temp (I keep mine below 120 in winter and below 105 in the summer), and so on.

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