Bundy Clarinet Serial Number Search


I have a Bundy clarinet that I've been playing for almost 5 years and I love it to death. However, I know almost nothing about it besides what I can see from the instrument.

To improve results add an asterisk (*) after the search term, e.g. Honors* or Smith*. Don't miss the 1962 book about Buffet company history available for download at the very bottom of this page! Thanks to Bennett Price for sending me the scan of this. Dec 22, 2007. A friend gave me his old Bundy that he had played in school band, probably in the early to mid-70s. Quake 4 Download Torrent Pc Iso. I remember back in high school me and my. Joseph Michael Swango (born October 21, 1954, Tacoma, Washington) was a physician and American serial killer convicted of four murders, but is estimated to have.

Bundy Clarinet Serial Number Search

Well, I decided I would like to know as much as I can about it. Here are the facts: I have a signature on my mouthpiece: Leo m Bundy. There is a serial number on the body: 584168. The ligature has FRANCE inscribed on it. Windows 7 Torrent Iso 64. On the barrel, there is an appearance of what used to be a BUNDY logo, but it has disappeared other than a slight reminiscence of it.

But that's it. I've done my research and I know the history of the Bundy company, (acquired by Selmer, some clarinets are resonite plastic, etc.) but I want to know these things: Is it plastic or wood? And The year of manufacture. Any other info would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I'm sounding pushy, but I really would like to know. Thank you so much!

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