Bosch Kts 301 Software Companies

Bosch Kts 301 Software Companies

Hello Everyone, Yesterday’s post was about how to tackle the situation if you had Low GRE and a High GPA. Today I am going to discuss the reverse of it. How to tackle the problem if you had Low GPA and High GRE. When you actually search this on Google, you won’t find any website that discuss this topic. You will find many forums that discuss about this topic but no particular website.

So let’s discuss this topic in detail and try to find a solution for this. Unlike High GPA and Low GRE won’t hamper your chances much, but the Low GPA and High GRE hampers your chances a little more. Let’s discuss the common questions that students have in mind.

Bosch Kts 301 Software Companies

What If I score High GRE and High TOEFL marks, will I be able to get in a good University? I always say that Universities always examine each profile in a holistic way.

They see each and every detail before arriving to a result. The problem is that University always wants the applicant to have a good GPA, which indirectly signifies that they will be able to handle the courses in US too very well. But if you have a low GPA, don’t be worried, you require a strong LOR from your professors stating how good you are and you need to mention why you had low GPA in your SOP, so that they can have a clear picture of why your GPA was low. I have some Work Experience, Will it help to cover the Low GPA that I got in my Under graduation? The Answer to this question is No. Generally Universities don’t look at your Work Experience when you apply for MS, they make take it into consideration but not that much. So even though you have a Work Experience, It doesn’t play a major role in deciding which universities will you get.

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I started of my Under graduation badly but improved my GPA every semester, Will that help in getting a good University? Yes it will help in getting you a good University.

What University looks at is even though you started badly, but you latter knew what was going wrong and then you corrected it and got High GPA in the latter semesters. So it will really help you. I normally say your GPA all your semesters can be a ‘U Curve’ or Can be Line which is going up. U Curve means your GPA was going down few semesters and then it cam back up. And the line is where your GPA was continuously increasing all the semesters. Both these are good signs and you will get in a good University.

But if you have a Line which is going down, that means your GPA is constantly decreasing each semsters, then it will be a little tough for you. To Conclude, I would say that Low GPA doesn’t mean your dream has come to an end, Having a High GRE, TOEFL and having a good LOR and SOP will help you in getting a good University. All The Best. Firstly Gr8 thread bro. 3dtv Play Serial Keygen Generator.

Now my situation is knda different and complicated. Moderate GRE-(Q-740), low GPA (its ws kinda decent in initial stages bt later kept reducing and i ended up having some backlogs with i live backlog). The main reason behind this backlogs and GPA is I was team leader in lots of international projects, initiated many societies in college and also built 2 fully functional cars in that. Have been doing research for past 1 yr for alt fuels and found a way to improve fuel efficiency and my abstract got selected in Worlds top automotive symposium. So overall I screwd up my GPA and to some extent my GRE too but hav a very strong co-curricular. SO whats my stand.

Do i have a chance of getting into good univ. Not expecting top 20. But at least in top 60-70?? Pls rpl ASAP. Hello Sundar, firstly since you have been into projects and research, it certainly holds a lot of value for the Universities in US. So you can specifically tell them in SOP the reason of low GPA. And your GRE score is little more than the Average GRE score.

But I certainly feel your research and involvement in many activities related to your field, you will certainly get a good University. Make sure you do well in TOEFL, and get some good LOR from professors who have been with you in the research.

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