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A question: can you predict Alzheimer's by a careful analysis of someone’s writing? An English professor has suggested there are tell-tale signs of early Alzheimer's in Agatha Christie’s book, Elephants Can Remember. AFP/Getty Images If you've ever kept a journal, you've probably worried about someone coming across it and getting an uninvited peek into your personal life. But the daily traces we leave behind in our writings – more and more in today's world of emails, blogs and Facebook pages – may reveal much more than whom you had a crush on in middle school or that embarrassing dream you had last week. It turns out that what we write, and how we write, may hold clues about our future selves. Digieffects Delirium Serial Mac Torrent.

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Ian Lancashire, an English professor at the University of Toronto, has spent much of his career trying to see past the words on the page and into the psyche of the author. Hardiplank Installation Nzx. He makes concordances of different texts; basically, an alphabetical list of all the words and the contexts in which they appear in a text. This is a tradition that dates back to medieval monks, who would make concordances of the Bible in the hopes of seeing the mind of God. May 28, 2010 Lancashire has somewhat more modest goals. He studies the works of authors such as Chaucer, Shakespeare and Milton. (Among other things, he discovered that Milton never used the word 'because' in any of his works. Who knows.) But in the mid '90s, Lancashire decided he wanted to focus on a more modern — and less 'literary' — author.

Agatha Christie Novels Pdf Download

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