Adywans Star Wars Purist Edition Nyc

Adywans Star Wars Purist Edition NycPt:R Facts

I'm so excited! I know we're not supposed to discuss piracy or illegal duplication of copyrighted films. And I don't think I'm doing that exactly. But if this is comes too close, please close this down with my apologies. Attention Star Wars purists! An important release just hit the 'net.

Adywans Star Wars Purist Edition Cnn. Stream Adywans Star Wars Revisited Ben S Death. From the CNN Broadcast Center in New York: Connie Chung. The result is called Star Wars Revisited, and not only does it revert many of the changes made by the Special Editions, but also its picture quality puts the. Death Star (there's a 'purist' version without most of those changes), but that's because he actually plans to tackle the entire six-movie saga: Adywan. May 17, 2006. Ahoy, squirts! No one was more excited than I was to hear about Lucas finally relenting and releasing the original un-fucked with Trilogy on DVD. I bitch a lot about the Special Editions and am very critical of the prequels and as a result I could never bring myself to purchase the SE STAR WARS.

If you're the kind of Star Wars fan that bought the 2006 DVD set for the (non-animorphic) original editions, you may or may not know that various fan preservation/restoration projects have been in the works for several years. Several of them have been much better than those 2006 'extras' editions. Anyway, the best fan preservation/re-recreation so far of the original '77 movie experience has just been released into the wild. Best BY FAR, if you're talking AV specs. I started this thread for no reason other than how excited the results made me, and how much I know others will love this. Tamil History Novels Pdf more. It's a 16GB MKV with beautiful production values and over a dozen audio options. It is simply gorgeous, and a day-and-night difference in quality compared to the 2006 disc.

DVD and BD files based on this recreation are in the works as well, so you can wait for those or enjoy the artistry now. Due to the fan-nature of the project, it's unwise for me to say anything much about distribution.

I just wanted to say 'it exists and it is amazing.' The primary re-creation artist is named Harmy. He calls this Star Wars Despecialized v2.0. It is supremely worth your effort to track down. I prefer Star Wars Revisited. That guy knows what he's doing, and work is continuing on Empire Strikes Back Revisited.

Mod Note: I will allow discussion of this to continue, unless people start putting in links on how to get these cuts. These things tread a fine line between bootleg and something else, but are worthy of discussion as they can be instructive on the more technical aspects of filmmaking. So, discuss the mechanics of these to your heart's content. Do not ask where to get them, or provide information how to get them (beyond simply saying use Google). Failure to follow these instructions will lead to the thread being closed. I prefer Star Wars Revisited.

That guy knows what he's doing, and work is continuing on Empire Strikes Back Revisited. Adywan's Revisited series is wonderful for sure. They're attempting something a bit different--Adywan is basically creating his own fusion of the SE's and originals to create what pleases himself, and it works beautifully. (Is he now going back and rebasing on the HD sources? I don't know, but if so, that's great news.) The Harmy set tries to re-create the original theatricals as closely as possible in the best specs possible. And this new release really raises the bar.

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