8006-2lp Windows 7 Driver

8006-2lp Windows 7 Driver3ware 8006 2lp Windows 7 Driver

We think from looking around on the 3ware site that there are no working drivers for Windows Server 64bit Enterprise R2 as its not supported on their list for the 8006-2LP. Ill try the 32bit version and see if there is any improvement. Do you know what software I can use to do a speed test tho? 3Ware puts your hard drives to good use with its 8006-2LP RAID card. It gives you two internal SATA connections for all your storage needs. It will configure all four into a RAID array to allow for greater stability, speed, and safety for your information. Bootable array support will add greater fault tolerance to your array, which.

I am not sure if this belongs in Hardware/Software or General. I read through a lot of posts, 3Ware's site and Googled for the past week? No straight forward answers or solutions. I am attempting to install 5.1 on two identical servers with the?defaults? As recommended to a 3ware 8006-2LP RAID card. The general specs are as follows: Two Dual Core Xenon (2.4)?

Supermicro Board, X5DPE-G2 (32Bit) (1) - 3Ware 8006-2LP Escalade SATA RAID Card (latest firmware)? (2) 120GiB HDD? 3Ware 9500S-4LP Escalade SATA RAID cards (latest firmware) - (4) Ea. 4GiB RAM I have attempted to use the boot array in RAID1 mode, as well as independent disks (no RAID) on the 3ware 8006 card. The install goes well (visually) on either of the layouts as indicated above.

Download Free Software Autek Research Va1 Manually on this page. The problem comes on reboot, after?successful? The server with the RAID1 reboots and displays an error?MBR 3 error?

And?MBR 1 error?no Grub, nothing else. I imaged the first partition (20MiB) and viewed the Boot Record and it appeared okay but I am not a Linux guy.I did see the error code and 55AA so I thought it to be okay. The server with the independent disks displays a flashing cursor and never progresses, nor allows for CTL-ALT-DEL.

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