2002 Download It Microsoft Picture Manager 2007 Portable Ice

2002 Download It Microsoft Picture Manager 2007 Portable Ice

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This bare-bones picture-management program offers only one function that cannot be performed directly within Windows, and that feature doesn't even work properly. Because Picture Manager is so limited, there's no installation process to speak of. After you click the EXE file, the application launches to reveal a rather disorganized interface. Basically the program can only move, delete, copy, or rename large numbers of images at once.

The renaming tool, ostensibly this program's saving grace, lets you add prefixes onto filenames or partially replace them with text of your choice. However, we could never get this feature to work right, a big disappointment considering all of the program's other functionality duplicates what you can easily do from directly within Windows.

Xbmc Wizard Download For Mac. All told, Picture Manager seems like it will be of little use to most folks. From This program makes copying, moving, and renaming files a breeze, especially JPEG picture files. You set a target directory and then browse as many source locations as you desire. When a file or picture is found that you want to gather in the commune target directory, just hit the hot key or click the button.

If you are dealing with JPEG picture files, you can view the picture and decide whether or not it is a keeper. Don't worry about duplicate files in the target directory. You can add a prefix to files before they are copied.

If they already exist in the target directory, you can specify a unique prefix or suffix and it will be done automatically. You also can ask to be prompted for a new name. Renaming files also is a breeze.

You can search and replace on any part of the filename, add a prefix, and other options.

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